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Inter-Service Transfers Application Form
« on: 11 August, 2020, 01:24:00 pm »
Inter-Service Transfers are now OPEN

All members requesting a Inner-Service Transfer will post utilizing the following format.

Subject: Inter-Service Transfer - [Name: First, Last]

Unit Transferring from:
First and Last Name:
Previous Time-in-Service (days):
Requested MOS:
Qualified MOS(s)
Auxiliary Qualifications (MG, MM, CLS, FMTB, FMF, JTAC, ZEUS, FS):
NCO Courses Completed (CPLC101/2/3, SGTC101/2/3):
Arma 3 PID: required

I understand that by requesting an inner-service transfer understand that when transferring I may not stay at the same pay-grade previously held in other units, and also understand that I may not retain the same billet previously held:
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